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  • Brody


    Brody has been my pup for a little over six years now. He is the first painting I created which is sentimental because he’s always there for me and I wanted to paint something I love. Rather than painting his original color, I decided to brighten things up a bit and get creative with colors that reflect his personality. I used plenty of yellow because Brody is always happy and a very good boy. Next, I made sure to incorporate red and pink for the love he is constantly showing to myself and others. Lastly, I added a little bit of green to show off his envious side that he portrays when I’m eating human food, petting another dog or leaving the house without him.

  • Sun Over Water

    Sun Over Water

    This piece is symbolic to me because August 9, 2019 I suffered a break to my C5 vertebrae after diving into Lake Allatoona. I could simply choose to live my life sad and stuck in the past of my diving accident, however, that’s not me. I remain optimistic about my life and I’m always looking towards the sun, or the bright side of things. This fiery sunshine is a reminder to stay positive and keep your best foot forward- even if that just means emotionally.

  • Wonderland in Japan

    Wonderland in Japan

    I’ve always been obsessed with Japanese art and landscape. In this painting I tried to create my own peaceful setting including a pink cherry blossom tree, red morning sun, snowy mountain backdrop and a nice place to sit just under a lantern. If tranquility is a place I am hoping it is here.

  • Savannah, Georgia

    Savannah, Georgia(Piece loaned back from collector)

    I created this piece as a gift for a dear friend of mine. This landscape painting is inspired by a photo I took of her family’s dock in their beautiful backyard.

  • Stairway to Heaven

    Stairway to Heaven

    This piece is my take on what a stairway to Heaven could potentially look like. Surrounded by clouds of happy colors is a set of stairs that slowly climb to a bright eternity of bliss. Good thing wheelchair accessibility isn’t a factor in Heaven and angels have wings!

  • The Swamp

    The Swamp

    Not only is Shrek one of my father’s favorite movies, swamps are actually one of his favorite sceneries. There was this day that I wanted to paint but wasn’t sure where to start so my dad had asked if I would do something for him. I knew within minutes this is what I wanted to create. My goal was to make this swamp look magical and colorful similar to the movie ‘The Princess and the Frog’ which is one of my favorites.

  • Life in Stone

    Life in Stone

    This piece is really meaningful and is part of who I am. Stone is cold and often when it gets weathered down it begins to crack. Sometimes these cracks can cause the stone to fall apart because the stone can no longer keep itself together. Through the use of plants, I created life emerging from the cracks in this painting to symbolize that feeling broken, falling apart or other trials/tribulations a subject might go through does not mean the journey is over. I chose to use baby’s breath flowers as the plants since that is the beginning of life. I accentuated the cracks with a hint of gold because it is the cracks in our foundations that teach us the most. It is the difficult times we go through that teach us the value of the good times. We wouldn’t be able to value our good experiences without recognizing what is bad. The bad times build character and teach us how to be strong and appreciative.

  • Better at the Beach

    Better at the Beach

    Growing up I always loved traveling to the beach. Destin, Florida is like a second home to me. I love the smell of the salty, fresh air and the feeling of the hot, white sand in between my toes. I love the thrill of catching a big wave whether on a board or in a boat. There’s something that feels so simple about being at the beach- like life is somehow easier. With this piece I wanted to show the beauty of the colors that you can find in a wave as it comes crashing down to the surface along with the white sand and the big, blue, never-ending sky.

  • Woman Warrior

    Woman Warrior

    This warrior might be surrounded by sadness and anger, but with her fighting spirit and a positive attitude she conquers all. Life is too short to dwell in the past or keep enabling toxic emotions to take control of your positive mental attitude. This piece is a reminder that this life is ours so we must own it. Live happily, live strongly and live fearlessly.

  • The Road to Somewhere Powerful

    The Road to Somewhere Powerful

    This painting symbolizes a journey through finding inner strength. The way you act physically and emotionally towards yourself and others is your spirit and how you will be remembered. This is what makes each of us our own version of an artist. We create our own story to be passed down and spread around. It is up to you to decide how you operate and communicate. It is up to you to create your story and to make your mark on how people will remember you. Getting closer to your inner power will allow you to become more self-aware and it will allow you to become closer to God/the universe/your word of choice for the power that surrounds us. You will find your define reason for existing and have the power to access your true self living a life with negativities having less power over you. Remember good and bad things will always keep happening but it is how you act and react that is your reality. The road we are on may not always be smooth however let’s practice gratefulness and remember that it is still a road we can use. A positive mindset will conquer toxicity. This is where we find great power.

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