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  • Stairway to Heaven
    Stairway to Heaven

    This piece is my take on what a stairway to Heaven could potentially look like. Surrounded by clouds of happy colors is a set of stairs that slowly climb to a bright eternity of bliss.

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  • Woman Warrior
    Woman Warrior

    This warrior might be surrounded by sadness and anger, but with her fighting spirit and a positive attitude she conquers all. Life is too short to dwell in the past or keep enabling toxic emotions to take control of your positive mental attitude.

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  • Life in Stone
    Life in Stone

    Through the use of plants, I created life emerging from the cracks in the stone to symbolize that feeling broken, falling apart or other enduring trials/tribulations a subject might go through does not mean the journey is over.

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The Artist


Happy? Trying. Capable? Totally. Infinite? We are not physically but the mark we leave on this world is. Welcome to my life through art. The words written here are just a fraction of what is in my heart.

This page was created to be my voice to the world. Not my literal voice of course, I’m not a fan of too much chitchat- I’m a woman of action. With this being said, I took to painting about a year after a diving accident caused me to have a spinal cord injury in late 2019. I’ve always loved art but it wasn’t until I met my friend and mentor, Debbie Veith, that I learned not only is art fun but art heals as well. At first I was encouraged to “just play” although I quickly realized the benefits of putting my thoughts on canvas. Painting allows me to organize my thoughts and forces me to really think them through. Diving head first (just mentally this time don’t worry) into the deep and dark almost scary places of my mind was rather intimidating. Channeling your inner most self is done in three steps. Think of why you have a feeling or emotion, go past the warning sign your brain gives you before you get too deep into that thought then allow yourself to be fully submerged into that feeling or emotion so you may uncover the light or darkness that surrounds that topic. Through this exercise I was able to heal and learn so much about myself. My experiences, my thoughts and my interests were able to be brought to life and I didn’t even need magic. I just needed a paintbrush, some colors and a gentle push in the right direction.

Live fearlessly, love deeply, & laugh all the time

Life is full of blessings and lessons. We must be grateful for the hard times because without them we wouldn’t feel the joy of the good times. Take control. When going through a difficult time allow yourself to feel that emotion but remember to not let it consume you. You are not the things you have gone through however you are a product of how you choose to handle or express yourself in each circumstance. You become the energy you put out so let’s make it happy. When evil comes knocking don’t answer the door. Smile and laugh in its face having full faith that you can overcome anything just by strengthening your mindset. This works and this is my testimony. I hope to inspire people. I hope to move people to take care of their mental and physical health. I hope the things in my mind and my heart encourage people to pay attention to the world around us. We as people need to take care of each other so we can take care of our planet better together. It starts with us. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world. Find your truth, spread motivation and positivity and let’s have some fun while we’re here.

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